Meet The Trainers


Meet the IMS team of certified trainers. Our trainers are experienced professionals whose services can be engaged either by enrolling in one of our formal online or classroom sessions, or by contracting them on a “per day” basis to teach custom sessions online or at your office. Please call 1-800-668-3312 to make inquiries about custom training, or see the training schedule to learn about our upcoming formal classes.


Matt Hewko

Matt retired with 15 years of police experience from a major Police Service in Ontario, Canada. He has dedicated ten years to traffic safety with the last seven as the team leader in the Collision Reconstruction Unit.

Matt’s role as a Detective Constable within his office was to ensure all members had the proper training, equipment and other resources to investigate motor vehicle collisions that involve life threatening and fatal injuries. He has attended various other crime scenes that included homicides, shootings, railway and industrial incidents. Matt has become an expert within the Federal and Provincial courts with respect to reconstruction and the involved investigations.

Matt understands the need to be trained and qualified in all aspects of policing, especially within the field of collision reconstruction. As such, he has become a certified IMS Map360 instructor in January 2017.


CFS - Joel Salinas

Joel Salinas, ACTAR, has over 33 years of experience investigating and reconstructing traffic collisions. He is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction, (ACTAR # 1569). He worked for the California Highway Patrol from 1984 to 1988. From 1988 to 2012 he worked for the Vallejo Police Department in Northern California where he retired as a Lieutenant. He has investigated and supervised the investigation of over 1000 traffic collisions.

He has testified as an expert in Traffic Accident Reconstruction in criminal and civil court.

He has extensive training in the field of Collision Reconstruction, Forensic Mapping, and Laser Scanning. He currently provides training in the above areas.

Joel is co-author of the book Fundamentals of Forensic Mapping and a Professional Society of Forensic Mappers (PSFM) approved instructor.

Joel has a part time consulting business, Joel Salinas and Associates, where he provides Forensic Mapping,3D Laser Scanning and Collision Reconstruction services.

Joel is a member of the California Association of Reconstruction Specialists (CAARS). He is also a member of PSFM and NAPARS.


CFS - Jamie Selves

Jamie Selves has earned her certification from MicoSurvey Software Inc. (Leica Geosystems) as an Incident Mapping Suite Trainer. She works for Collision Forensic Solutions, L.L.C. as well as MicroSurvey Software Inc. as a Forensic Mapping Instructor.

As an independent Forensics Mapping Instructor, Jamie’s instruction in the forensic mapping field has been vital for numerous local and state law enforcement agencies across the United States. Traveling across the country, she provides students with the resources and explanations to excel in the forensic mapping field. Her expertise aids students in both crime scene and crash reconstruction. Upon completion of any training, Jamie enables her students to feel proficient and confident in their work as Jamie provides 24-hour technical support on a range of topics such as IMS Map 360, Total Station and Evidence Recorder.

Jamie is a former Information Systems Analyst with the United States Army at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Her knowledge on tactical IT networking and physical dedication as a paratrooper awarded her several medals, ribbons and badges. Amongst awarded, the Iraq Campaign Medal with Arrowhead.

Jamie’s studies have earned her an Associate of Applied Science with a concentration in Photography from the International Academy of Art and Design in Tampa, Florida. Jamie is currently working on obtaining her Forensic Photography and Imaging Certification from the International Association for Identification.

In addition, Jamie is a registered Yoga Teacher 200. She has been certified by Connected Warriors, Inc. as a Trauma–Conscious Yoga Instructor. She provides evidence-based trauma–conscious yoga therapy programs for servicemembers, veterans, and their families. Continually raising awareness on veteran suicide, Jamie is an Ambassador for Mission 22.


CFS - Mike Selves

Mike Selves is a retired certified law enforcement officer in the State of South Dakota. Mike has over twenty years of law enforcement experience, most formally with the South Dakota Highway Patrol.

Mike has an extensive background in the field of crash investigation as well as reconstruction work. He has over twenty four years experience as a Certified Crash Reconstruction Specialist, and is also certified by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR #1286),with Full Accreditation as a Traffic Accident Reconstructionist. The courts recognize him as an expert witness in both criminal and civil cases, and he has investigated numerous crashes throughout his career.

Mike is also a member of the National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists (NAPARS), Midwest Association of Technical Investigators (MATAI), National Association of Traffic Accident Reconstructionists and Investigators (NATARI), and the Professional Society of Forensic Mapping.

Mike is a certified instructor in IMS Map360, Evidence Recorder Collection Software, Forensic Mapping, CAD Software, and Crash Investigation Courses. Mike also owns and operates Collision Forensic Solutions, LLC.


Andrew Klane

Andrew Klane has been a member of the Massachusetts State Police for 29 years and holds the rank of Lieutenant. He has been assigned to the Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section (CARS) for the past 25 years. Upon promotion to the rank of Lieutenant in 2009, he has been the Section Commander of the CARS Unit with 4 Sergeants and 19 troopers reporting in to him.

Andrew has reconstructed over 500 serious injury and fatal motor vehicle crashes. He has testified numerous times as an expert witness in both District and Superior Courts throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR) and also holds the position of board member on the ACTAR governing board of directors. Andrew represents the Massachusetts State Police on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Task Force. He has been responsible for the selection and implementation of technology to facilitate CARS achieving the Departments quick clearance initiative which he participated in developing. Andrew was responsible for the design and implementation of the UAS (Drone) program for the Massachusetts State Police, used specifically for the quick clearance of traffic crashes.

Andrew also has an expertise in the forensic mapping of crash and crime scenes. He has dedicated a significant portion of his professional career to bringing technology into the reconstruction of motor vehicle collisions and crime scene mapping. This technology includes total station, GNSS, laser scanning, and aerial photogrammetry using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Andrew has been using mapping software since the mid-nineties to forensically map collision and crime scenes. He has mastered the use of Autocad based mapping software including IMS MAP360. Andrew is a certified trainer for Leica/IMS MAP360 software and provides a “Field to Finish” level of confidence with his training abilities.


Justin Maetche

Sgt. Justin Maetche is currently a serving regular member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police stationed in Vernon, British Columbia and Team Leader for the Southeast Collision Analysis Reconstruction Services. He has 12 years of service, with 10 years of that service in the Collision Analysis and Reconstruction program. He is responsible for investigating serious injury and fatal collisions, with a large component of that duty to forensically mapping crash and crime scenes.

Cpl. Maetche has been a member of the Canadian Association of Technical Accident Investi-gators and Reconstructionists since 2009.

Cpl. Maetche is a fully certified RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems) pilot and instructor on the Draganfly platform.

Cpl. Maetche is a certified instructor for IMS Map360 Fundamentals and Point Cloud.

Cpl. Maetche has been working photogrammetric point cloud programs, and develop-ing workflows for accurately and precisely capturing scene data.

Additionally, Cpl. Maetche has been 3D scanning crash and crime scenes with Leica’s P20 Scan Station, in turn utilizing IMS Map360 to create deliverables.


Greg McGuire

Greg has been a member of the York Regional Police in Ontario, Canada for since 1988. He was sworn in as an officer in 1989, and he currently holds the rank of Detective. Greg has been working in the Forensic Identification Unit as a Crime Scene Investigator since 2000. He has worked on many Major Investigations including scene mapping with total station and 3D Scanner.

Greg has worked as a Scenes of Crime Officer while assigned to Uniform Patrol for 2 years prior to being assigned to Forensics. He is a MapScenes Certified Training Instructor, trained in IMS Map360.


Brian Nightingale

Sgt Brian Nightingale is currently a serving member of the RCMP as a certified law en-forcement officer, Team Leader of the Vancouver Island Collision Analysis Reconstruction Services stationed in Courtenay, B.C. He has over thirty-five years of law enforcement expe-rience, most recently with the Vancouver Island Reconstruction unit.

Sgt Nightingale has an extensive background in reconstruction work since 1994. He has over 23 years’ experience as a Certified Accident Reconstruction Specialist, with Full Canadian Accreditation as a Forensic Collision Reconstructionist. The courts recognize him as an ex-pert witness in both criminal and civil cases. He has investigated close to a thousand tech-nical collision investigations and completed dozens of forensic mapping projects for homi-cide investigations throughout his career.


Clint Norris

Investigative Agent—New Mexico State Police Founder, Aletheia Endeavors, LLC

Clint Norris is an investigative agent for the New Mexico State Police. With 9 years in Law Enforcement and 4 years as a Crime Scene Investigator, Clint brings a unique perspective to the preparation of scene documents for court presentation.


Eric Richardson

Eric Richardson is a 31.5 year Veteran of Law Enforcement. Eric started his career with the Oklahoma City Police Department in 1985. Eric spent 5 years in the patrol division before transferring to the crime scene investigations unit where he spent the remainder of his career. During his time with the Oklahoma City Police Department Eric worked approximately 320 homicides, numerous suicides, assaults, robberies and property crimes. Eric retired from the Oklahoma City Police Department as a Master Sergeant in December 2006. While working for the Oklahoma City Police Department Eric obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

Eric went to work for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations in December 2006 as a Special Agent. Eric was assigned to work crime scenes as well as other investigative duties. Eric worked approximately 50 homicides, numerous suicides, assaults, robberies and property crimes. While working with the OSBI Eric obtained his Senior Crime Scene Analyst certification through the International Association of Identification in 2010. Eric also obtained his Master’s Degree in Aviation Administration in 2009. Eric left the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation in February 2011 to take a position with the League City Police Department in Texas.

Eric remained as the Forensic Specialist with the League City Police Department in Texas until June 2016. Eric was responsible for managing the evidence room, processing crime scenes, fingerprint comparison, video analysis, processing evidence in the lab and providing testimony in court proceedings. Eric is a court qualified expert in Oklahoma and Texas as well as Federal Court.

Eric has taught numerous courses pertaining to crime scene investigations since 1999. Eric has taught crime scene photography, bloodstain patter analysis, shooting scene reconstruction, crime scene mapping (including the use of total stations and 3D scanners) and aviation accident investigation. Eric was a CLEET certified instructor in the state of Oklahoma. Eric has authored an extensive crime scene checklist and produced an application for crime scene processing available for Apple and Android devices.


Tamas Safar

Tamas Safar studied civil engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Mr. Safar has spent 4 years in the geomatics industry familiarizing himself with multiple types of sensors. Tamas is currently responsible for the laser scanning, UAV and mobile mapping technologies as a 3D point cloud training and support manager in the Eastern-central European region. He is focusing on 3D point cloud post processing. Tamas is a certified instructor for IMS Map360 Fundamentals and Point Cloud.


Cam Siewert

Cam Siewert has been employed by the Arizona Department of Public Safety for 17 years.

Detective Siewert transferred to the Vehicular Crimes Unit in January of 2005, which is now under the Criminal Investigations Division of The Arizona Department of Public Safety. Detective Siewert is a senior collision reconstructionist with the department and routinely investigates collisions resulting in homicide charges. He continues to receive training in the field of collision reconstruction and frequently teaches for the Department of Public Safety. Detective Siewert is a certified Drug Recognition Expert and Forensic Photographer; enhancing his ability to investigate the complex collisions he is assigned. He has continued to explore new techniques, technology and training to assist at the collision scene and in the courtroom. Detective Siewert has successfully testified in numerous counties as an expert in the field of collision reconstruction and remains an integral part of the highly successful Vehicular Crimes Unit. He has instructed numerous State Troopers and Other Agency Officers and Deputies the use of Total Station, GPS, and Laser Scanning. The training includes the transfer and use of the data collected in the field and how it is applied using the IMS MAP360 Software.