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Certified Training

At Leica Geosystems, we are interested in our user’s efficiency, proficiency and productivity. By taking one of our courses, users will quickly master our products and understand simple to advanced software features, which will bring faster evidence collection to the field, and faster deliverable in the office.

To achieve this, we have developed a Course Training Standard.

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What is the Course Training Standard (CTS)?

Standardized Materials and Curriculum – The CTS provides a comprehensive framework to ensure that users of our products are provided with the knowledge and skills required to use the IMS Suite of products efficiently, accurately, and above all, with proficiency.

Certified Trainers – Instructors of the CTS are industry professionals, providing group instruction and individual assistance to cater to every aptitude and background. Each IMS Certified Instructor is qualified and able to transform technical issues into understandable concepts and applied knowledge by following a strict Course Training Standard guideline to deliver the curriculum.

Certified Users - The CTS offers different levels of educational tracks depending on your level of experience. This means you can be confident in applying the power and precision of IMS tools to the demands of real life requirements.

ACTAR and IAI Approved - The CTS Map360 Core is approved by ACTAR and the IAI for 32 CEUs (Continuing Education Units), and the PointCloud component is approved for 8 CEUs. These units are the standard accreditation for maintaining integrity in the industry.



Course Training Standard

Company standardized training materials, tests, guidelines, instructor guides.                                                                                        



Certified Instructor

MicroSurvey and Leica will certify trainers. Only certified trainers can deliver the certified training materials to students.                        



Certified Professional

Students who attend a certified training course and who also pass the necessary exams will become certified professionals.                 



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