Install and Setup


Activation of USB License Key:

See this IMS webpage for detailed instructions on how to activate your license. Know that you will need to have IMS Map360 installed.

IMS Website

Knowledge Base: Start Here

The knowledge base provides access to IMS hosted videos, training material, and the bulk of their on line training videos.


Setting up your customized template after you have used IMS Map 360 will save you time and make consistent looking deliverable.

TPS / GNSS Tutorial

A guided tutorial for Total Station and GPS data

Step by step guide to import Total Station or GPS data and create a 2D diagram. This is an excellent beginner tutorial to follow.

Point Cloud Tutorial

Guided tutorial to import HDS data and create a 2D diagram

Download training material and follow the training tutorial.


Importing Pix4D data into IMS Map360

This link will provide you with detailed instructions with screen captures and guide you on how to import your photogrammetry data into IMS.

IMS Map360 Training Movie Index

Training videos specific to IMS.

Not all videos are produced in the most recent versions of IMS Map360. Some icons and ribbon icons may appear in slightly different locations.

Customize ims Map360 work space

VERSION 2 Update

Build a customized work spaces in the latest (version 2.xx) IMS Map360; New users may want a ultra simplified interface to reduce the icons and tools they see offered to them only offering the fundamentals needed.

Microsurvey MSCAD Training Movie Index

MSCAD: Surveying CAD software training video library

MicroSurvey the designers of IMS Map360 forensic CAD software have a sister CAD program released for the professional surveyor. Standard Computer Aided Drawing tools in the MicroSurvey MSCAD program function in IMS Map360. While the interface and tool locations are slightly different, the training library is extensive and is an excellent resource for self-guided training. Many videos linked in this training resource are from the MSCAD library.