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AutoMAP Manual Entry Coordinate Files EvR TS/GS HDS/UAS Images


AutoMAP = The Automap is where line codes from a field data collector tablet are translated into IMS and imported into appropriate layers in the drawing. This is a highly valuable tool for Total Station and GNSS data collection. Experienced users customize the Automap for efficient coding of line work in the field.

Manual Entry

Store & Edit Points = Enter points into the database and or edit points: Add audio or image files to the point.

Auto Add Points to Object = Add points to the database by selecting line work. Excellent tool to add points to line work drawn in a point cloud.

Baseline Offset Measurements = Access Batch Recorder to enter manual baseline measurements.

Triangulation Measurements = Enter manual measurement data for triangulation.

Coordinate Files

Import ASCII File = ASCII is used as a international data transfer language for almost all brands of total station data. You must know how the data is formatted when importing.

Import LTI QuickMap 3D = LTI are entry level angle measurement tool that use a hand held laser measurement device. (Mini Total Station)

Export ASCII File = Export marked data from IMS in ASCII format for import into other drawing programs or a data collector.

Export to Google Earth = Drawing can be exported as a .klm or .kmz file and overlaid with Google Earth imaging and mapping data. Option exists to map a single point to a Google Earth map.

EvR (Evidence Recorder - Software to collect point data on data collectors.)

Import EvR (Download) = Import to IMS TS GNSS or Disto data from data collector using EvR.

Export EvR (Upload) = Import to your data collector mapping data to go get more data at the scene.

TS/GS (TS = Total Station / GS = Global Positioning Data)

Import Leica DBX (GIS / WILD) = Special Leica data import file types

HDS/UAS (HDS = Point Cloud Data / UAS = Drone)

Import Cyclone (Configure Database) = Scan data must be configured in cyclone prior to importing into IMS. IMS with the Point Cloud extension provides licenses to import various scanner data into Cyclone so that it can be imported into IMS. Register 360 Projects are exported then imported into Cyclone so that IMS can operate over the top of Cyclone allowing you to draw on the point cloud data.

Import JetStream = Jetstream is a data sharing software tool that allows for extremely high speed transfers of complex point cloud data. Files are managed in a JetStream vault. Regeneration time for point cloud data in IMS is generally eliminated when JetStream data is being viewed in IMS.

Import HeXML = HeXML is a LiDAR database maintained by Leica. Subscription to the database is available allowing for importing images into IMS that can accurately be measured from.


Attach Image (Controls) = Attached images will display in the drawing but are not saved in the drawing. Take caution and duplicate images in the parent drawing folder then attach them so they will be included with exports of the drawing.

Insert Picture = A camera icon is placed in the drawing where you insert pictures. Annotations can be attached to the image.

Bing Maps = Download and attach images from Bing into drawing as a raster image. See help menu for full instructions.

Global Mapper = Insert geospatial data and images from local files or online services.

Valtus Store = Online LiDAR images for purchase.

Export = Export the drawing to a selected file type: BMP DWF PDF DAE (others)


Manual Entry



EvR (Evidence Recorder)

02:19 SyncWizard overview - Import of total station EvR data




02:38 Configure Cyclone Database (.imp), select the modelspace view, Basic viewing in IMS: Note: Direct imports from Register 360 are not supported presently, Install Cyclone 9.2 must be installed to import point cloud data into IMS Map360.



03:48 Importing and inserting a BING Map over a diagram.