Next Generation Point Cloud Power

Point cloud data can be quickly and accurately captured with 3D terrestrial scanners, airborne & mobile scanners. Point clouds can contain many millions points and offer an unmatched level of precision and detail to your scene.



Point Cloud Extension

The IMS Point Cloud extension can handle an almost unlimited number of points and simplifies working with your point cloud data utilizing the powerful Leica Cyclone platform.
Create professional and accurate plan views for court exhibits and 3D diagrams to depict witness viewpoints, trajectory cones, etc. Easily add text, dimensions, symbols, images, trace building foot prints and much more.
IMS Map360 is also the only forensic software currently available that allows the import of a geo-referenced image (aka geo-TIFF), along with its corresponding world file. This allows the automatic scaling of the image based on the geo-information. As a result, there is no human error that can result from manual scaling of the images. This is very useful for when you want to use orthorectified imagery, imagery captured by UAS systems.
Another unique capability of IMS Map360 is the ability to display the geo-referenced image and point cloud simultaneously. This is extremely useful when creating drawings from the top down view. With the image displayed in the background, you can zoom into various parts of your scene and evidence with losing detail.


Point Cloud Extension - Example