Next Generation Point Cloud Power

Point clouds offer an unmatched level of rich detail to your scene. When mapping an incident, you have no time to waste waiting for millions of points to render. Revolutionary Jetstream technology eliminates wait and lag, freeing valuable time and allowing you to utilize point clouds almost immediately.

Feature Highlights

  • Color the point cloud with a click of a button between true color, intensity mapping, and many other options.  The point cloud is automatically regenerated as you move and zoom around your drawing and for when you’re using an old computer you can adjust the point cloud density for faster rendering.

  • Import of LAS, PTS, e57 and many other formats are included free of charge.  Importing native scans from other manufactures is supported with the optional Register extension for Cyclone.

  • Open key plans created with Cyclone directly inside of IMS Map360.

  • Use the ScanWorld function to turn on and off imported scans.

  • Built into the Point Cloud Extension is a SmartPick tools that will help you pick the point cloud point you actually need.  Four options are built-in: Closest, Top, Bottom and Ground.

  • Use TruSpace to see a realworld panaramic view of your point cloud including imagery.  Use this to jump between scan stations, or for inspecting your scene.

  • Use workplanes to set the elevation you want your work to be draw at and automatically orientate your view to match the workplane.  Very handy for tracing on flat surfaces such as a building wall or floor.   

  • Snap directly to point cloud points when using any drawing tool.

  • All projects created with Cyclone are directly compatible with IMS Map360. No conversions are needed to open Cyclone registrations in Map360.

  • Leica Geosystems' newest point cloud technology is supported allowing you to work with millions of point clouds and experience near real time rendering.

  • Any point cloud opened with IMS Map360 is visible directly in the drawing area. Point cloud data can be viewed along side other collections such as aerial imagery, total station data, manual measurements, and many others.

Point Cloud Extension

Point clouds offer a degree of unmatched authenticity and precision to incident mapping. Until now, this level of detail has only been accessible with the investment of a large amount of wait time for rendering. Our Point Cloud extension has virtually eliminated this hassle, giving you the power to create the most dynamic courtroom-ready documents imaginable.

Innovative Jetstream technology makes this already impressive feature even more compelling. Incorporate point clouds in real time - without lag or long waits for rendering. Millions of points are quickly available for constructing comprehensive factual diagrams.

Cyclone compatibility does away with the need for conversion. All projects created with Cyclone can be directly opened with IMS Map360. These registrations can then be viewed with other collections in the drawing area, providing more reliability and validity to the scene. 


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