What is Map360?

Map360 is a desktop software solution that lets users import, process, analyze, visualize and create court ready deliverables. Based on MapScenes software with new easier to use interface and latest IntelliCAD engine



Data into Diagram

Turn your data into a diagram with ease by using data collection software such as Evidence Recorder or Leica Captivate.

Validate and Analyze

Import your data into Map360 and use the built-in tools to examine the data and evidence collected at the scene.

Court Ready Documents

Have profesional court ready documents in minutes with world leading IMS Software


Mapping Method


Map360 (core)


Point Cloud Extension


Animation Module


Evidence Recorder

Total Station
3D Laser Scanner
UAS/UAV (with 3D Point Cloud data)
UAS/UAV (with 2D images only)
Manual (tape, wheel or Disto)
Leica MultiStation (Total station/scanner)
Photogrammetry (2D images only)
Photogrammetry (with 3D Point Cloud data)





Simple or Advanced

Flexibility and multi-sensor support makes Map360 both productive and scalable to your agency’s needs as they change and grow.
Starting with manual scene measurement entry, all the way up to advanced mobile mapping systems (and everything in between!).


Featured Highlights


Support for all of your Measuring Tools and Methods


Witness Viewpoint Analysis

Flexibility and multi-sensor support makes Map360 both productive and scalable to your agency’s needs as they change and grow. Starting with manual scene measurement entry, all the way up to advanced mobile mapping systems (and everything in between!), Map360 provides a common user experience for a wide range of sensors, including support for total stations, laser scanning, GNSS, Leica MultiStations, Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Photogrammetry, Manual Measurement Data and Pegasus mobile scanning solutions.        Corroborating or disproving witness statements about what they could or couldn’t see during the incident is simple using Witness Viewpoint. Just pick a point, add a viewpoint at a specific height above that, and take a look around for yourself in 3D view mode.

Easy Scene-To-Map Productivity


Sophisticated Crash and Crime Scene Reconstruction Tools

Turn your data into a diagram with ease by using scene mapping software such as Evidence Recorder or Leica Captivate. With Map360, the map you create at the scene can be turned into a ready-to-print finished diagram in minutes.        Calculators are included for a variety of crash reconstruction formulae; speed, deceleration factor, kinetic energy, momentum, kinematics, and more. Also included is an updated vehicle specification database and a powerful bullet path reconstruction tool that uses a best fit solution to establish accurate trajectories.

The Power of CAD, Simplified


Audit Log for Evidence Integrity

IMS Map360 is the most precise desktop forensic mapping software available in the world and is the only solution that has an industry leading 3D CAD system built-in. The underlying precision of our engineering-grade CAD engine provides you with a solid foundation to your work that is precise, compelling, and irrefutable.        The CAD points that make up your diagram are stored in a separate, protected database file for security. Any attempt to change point coordinates will result in a warning. Any changes made are noted in the database and can be examined through audit log reporting.

Simple Sketch or Advanced Mode, You Decide!


Custom Library

Sometimes you just need to generate a simple 2D scene diagram in a hurry. Our easy-to-use sketch mode is perfect for that. Should your project have more demanding needs, you can switch to advanced mode to give yourself access to the tools you need, when you need them.        The new Collada importer allows us to bring in many newer and more sophisticated 2D and 3D models and saves into the program allowing you build up your own custom library.

Wizard for Creating Finished Diagrams



Interactive templates allow you to easily visualize your printed diagram before you print compelling documents.        IMS Map360 has the ability to easily customize your drawing area and tool bars for maximum productivity.


What's New?

Map360 V 3.0

Released July 18, 2019



Crush Analysis

A brief overview of new features and ehancements in Map360 v3.0.
       Quickly determine the crush energy and equivalent barrier speed.

Advanced Linetypes


Dynamic Text

Create compelling diagrams with roadway lines, barriers, and fences that follow the elevation changes of the road.
       Insert text labels with a click of a button and easily add a leader line.

Group and Ungroup

Easily group items together for quick selection and modifications such as move, rotate, and copy.

Map360 V 2.2

Released March 1, 2019

Artisan Rendering


Cursor Options

The intuitive 3D rendering system, Artisan, has been integrated into Map360!
       Easily change your cursor to gun sight crosshairs, making it stand out in your scene.

Status Bar Text Size


Evidence Markers (enhanced)

We’ve added the ability to increase the text size on the status bar.
       Create “hollow” evidence markers and add masking to the legend so it stands out in your diagram.

Advanced Linetypes (enhanced)

Draw a road edge or dividers on a sloped roadway by defining the 3D plane.

Map360 V 2.1

Released October 12, 2018

LGS Support



With the release of Leica Geosystems’ Universal Project file, LGS, you can now use it inside of Map360 with the click of a button. Points are quickly rendered revealing high detail and accuracy!
       Easily navigate through your scene by defining a point in your drawing as the center of rotation.

Essentials Ribbon


Dynamic Labeling

Our essential features have been combined on one convenient ribbon to increase productivity.
       Quickly label distances, horizontal and vertical angles within your scene. These labels automatically adjust to face you ensuring they are clearly visible as you move within your scene.

Advanced Linetypes

Convert existing linework into centerlines, barriers, fences, or skid marks! Not quite the linetype you were looking for? The advanced linetypes introduced in V2.0 can now be customized to make it even easier to recreate the scene for your diagram!

Map360 V 2.0

Released May 8, 2018

Advanced Linetypes


Label Distance

Bring your drawing to life with realistic linetypes such as roadway lines, guard rails, and fences. These new linetypes will save you time and improve the quality of your diagrams.
       Easily reference the location of key evidence in your scene by marking the slope, horizontal and vertical distances. These labels act as a visual aid to the viewer.

COE Import/Export


Selectable Evidence Markers

Visually communicate the facts with seamless data exchange between Cyclone and Map360. Your Map360 scene can now be published to Leica TruView for a realistic view of the scene.
       Increase productivity by select an Evidence Marker and the dialog will open for that corresponding point so you can easily update, attach files, or preview files attached to that evidence marker. Note: The grips must be turned off. (On Home Ribbon)

Welcome Screen Link

Select the Resources link on the Welcome Screen to open an article in the Helpdesk that provides quick access to informative articles, videos, release notes, and more!

Map360 V 1.3

Released September 29, 2017

Evidence Markers


Room Drawing Tools

Insert Evidence Markers with a variety of customizable styles.Optionally attach photographs or other images, audio notes, and other files to the evidence marker.
       Easily build an indoor crime scene by drawing walls with doors, windows and openings. Walls are automatically trimmed for you as you draw. Grips allow you to dynamically move, edit, and resize objects with ease.

Evidence Marker Report


Evidence Legend

Export a report detailing all Evidence Markers in your scene to a PDF file, with embedded copies of all attached files and diagrams.
       Insert a legend describing all Evidence Markers in your scene.

Attach Bing® Imagery


Block Recolor Wizard

Instantly download and attach imagery from Bing® Maps as a raster image file. Specify the area of interest by Point ID, Current View, Lat/Long, or Street Address. Specify the image type (Aerial, Road or Hybrid), coverage area, and resolution. To use this command, please contact MicroSurvey. A license for the Bing Maps module will be provided to interested users at no cost.
       Easily recolor blocks that have been inserted into your scene. Change the inserted block definition, or duplicate the block with a new name and change its definition. For example: change the color of vehicle bodies, peoples clothing, and more.

Block Resize Wizard

Resize any blocks inserted into your scene by entering the desired final dimensions, without having to calculate any scale factors. For example: Insert a block of a vehicle then set it to known length, width, and height dimensions.

Map360 V 1.2

Released December 30, 2016

Animation Extension


Cloud Storage Support

Animations and Scene Flythroughs now include all data displayed in the drawing, including point clouds, aerial photographs, and more.        Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and other cloud storage and synchronization services are now supported.

HemoSpat Bloodstain Pattern Analysis


The latest IntelliCAD 8.2a engine

HemoSpat bloodstain pattern analysis software is used to calculate the area of origin for impact patterns at crime scenes. HemoSpat is available at www.hemospat.com.        IntelliCAD 8.2 is a major release that includes more options added to existing features that export 2D .pdf files, export .bmp files, and attach underlays; new in-place multiline text editor; new support for maximizing and minimizing viewports and much more.



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