Is This for Me?

Taking your scene capture capabilities from basic tools to sophisticated 3D data capture solutions shouldn’t require a complicated workflow with multiple types of software. IMS Map360 provides all of the software tools your agency needs in a single, easy-to-use suite that can grow with your organization.


Crime Scene Investigation

Create simple scene diagrams using both 2D and 3D data or combine data sets from multiple sources to generate interactive 3D surface models. Our software makes easy work of complex scene investigations.

Post Blast Investigation

Easily develop multi-dimensional visualizations of a post blast event or a device to support the decision making process of Counter-IED and Render Safe Procedure assessments and operations.

Bullet Path Reconstruction

Quickly and accurately reconstruct the path of a bullet after laser scanning standard ballistic trajectory rods through Leica’s scientifically validated method used by investigators worldwide.

Security and Pre-Event Planning

Easily create sketches, maps, and animations to provide first responders and incident commanders with the critical information they need to make informed decisions in real time in order to go from practical to tactical.

Fire and Arson Investigation

Transform thousands of data points into 3D virtual models of the scene exactly as it was at the time of capture for comprehensive exploration and analysis, even after the physical scene has been demolished, to quickly correlate fire patterns to origin and cause.

Disaster Recovery

Create accurate sketches, maps, and 3D visualizations that allow teams to rapidly assess structural damages to key infrastructure for more informed decision making.

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Incidents

Develop visualizations that can be shared immediately with incident commanders to assist in awareness and decision making and create dynamic presentations for briefings and court proceedings.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Create accurate models and comprehensive documentation of critical physical infrastructure that can easily be shared across organizations and teams for better prioritization and protection.

Crash Investigation and Collision Reconstruction 

Superimpose crush data against scans of an undamaged vehicle, digitally access specific points for easy comparison and analysis, and create more realistic and professional courtroom presentations.