Dynamic Courtroom-Ready Documents in a Few Simple Steps

A few simple clicks and you’re quickly on the way to turning data into a range of courtroom-ready evidence documents. End-to-end capabilities eliminate the need to learn multiple software and processes.

Feature Highlights

  • An easy to use tool set and interface simplify the creation of diagrams and sketches that are ideal to print for case files or use as screenshots for digital presentations.

  • Our incredibly precise, engineering-grade, industry-leading 3D CAD engine can create almost anything- from simple 2D sketches and 3D drawings to models and full animations.

  • Imagery can add richness to your map. Seamlessly integrate aerial imagery from many different sources or use premium paid services, such as HxIP and ESRI.

  • Experience the flexibility of working with Microsurvey MapScenes Evidence Recorder, Trimble 3D Warehouse, and many others our solutions.

  • Create eye-opening evidence with animations that can leverage a variety of data, symbols, and viewpoints with built in camera panning and multiple viewpoint options. View your placed symbols inside a point cloud background for real life animations of a scene.

  • Cyclone Register and Cyclone import process scanning data from a variety of 3rd party terrestrial scanners, mobile scanners, and UAS systems.

  • The experience mode adjusts its interface based on need. Whether you require an engineering-grade 3D CAD feature-set or simply want to draw a quick 2D sketch, complete the job without any fuss.

    1. Sketch Mode: Easily sketch millimeter-accurate 2D layouts of incident scenes, the surroundings, vehicle trajectories, and more.
    2. Advanced Mode: Survey-grade professional features allow you to create the most sophisticated 3D CAD diagrams that can even be animated.
  • Choose from a number of court-ready templates in which to place your diagrams with little effort. Create professional, high-grade documents in just a few steps. Prior to printing, see your evidence as a finished drawing from multiple views, orientations, or perspectives.

  • Depending on your needs, utilize intelligent tools such as Scene Analysis, which computes and validates your scene. Then, it forms conclusions through commonly used accident reconstruction formulas.

  • Easily enrich your diagrams with a vast library of over 7000 elements. Simple to use crash and crime symbols can be dragged into scenes.

IMS Map360


All in One

We have found a smarter way of bringing data from many sensors into one environment while giving you a complete picture of an incident. This alleviates the need to use many incompatible software systems. Gain a bigger picture overview and a deeper understanding of your data with smart technologies such as Scene Analysis, Trajectory Insertion/Analysis, Witness Viewpoint, and many more exclusive features.

Witness Viewpoint

The Experience

This carefully thought out software puts the user first. With a focus on familiar functions and easy to use tools, nothing keeps you from getting the job done. Simple sketch tools and pre-defined templates allow you to create amazing courtroom-ready documents for PPT’s, PDF’s, case files, courtroom testimony, and more. Depending on your needs, the interface adapts from easy tools for simpler tasks to more advanced tools with more powerful applications. An extensive library of over 7000 public safety related symbols to easily add to your sketches and documents makes your experience even better.

Court Ready Documents

Under the Hood

Our incredibly precise, engineering-grade, industry-leading 3D CAD engine can create almost anything- from simple 2D sketches and 3D drawings to models and full animations. This system was made to meet all the needs of a broad range of users - from basic to advanced. View live point clouds as you rotate and measure them without any rendering delay thanks to our powerful JetStream Live engine. Some may call it an engineering marvel; we just call it Leica IMS Map360.


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