Frequently Asked Questions

Q: IMS Map360 seems to be an updated version of MapScenes. Is that true?
A: IMS Map360, at its roots, is a cousin of MapScenes. It uses the same trusted platform - an engineering-grade CAD engine and includes true 64Bit architecture. It also now includes a modern ribbon interface. Speaking of the interface, it’s been greatly simplified making this product much easier to use than any previous edition of MapScenes.

Q: Is it true that Leica Cyclone is built-in?
A: That is partly true. The point cloud technology we’ve incorporated into IMS Map360 is based on Cyclone.  For some things, you still need to use Cyclone (e.g., registering a point cloud).  However, if you don’t need to register any point clouds, then you don’t require a Cyclone license and can freely import many formats such as PTS, LAS, e57, and many more. The point cloud engine in IMS Map360 has many advanced features that none of our competitors have, such as TrueSpace, panoramic imagery, advanced clipping planes, and near realtime rendering of large data sets.

Q: Is MapScenes Forensic CAD going to be retired?
A: At this time Forensic CAD is not going to be developed any further.  Upgrade paths exist to IMS Map360.

Q: I own a copy of MapScenes Forensic CAD.  Can I upgrade to IMS Map360?
A: Yes of course!  Please see our upgrade page for more details.

Q: Will training be offered? What are options are available?
A: Absolutely. We have several ways to conduct training, ranging from onsite, classroom, or online - conducted by an accredited trainer. The certified training courses are multiple, comprehensive sessions totaling 40 hours. We also frequently host free webinars.

Q: If I purchase IMS Map360, can I choose to purchase an extension at a later time?
A: Yes, extensions are add-ons that can be added to your existing IMS Map360 license at any time.

Q: When I add CCP (Customer Care Package) to my order or extend my CCP duration, does this also cover any extensions that I've purchased?
A: Extensions have their own add-on fee for CCP, which should be purchased at the same time as the IMS Map360 CCP.

Q: What kind of PC hardware is required for this?
A: See our hardware requirements page for specifications.  But generally, for the core IMS Map360 product, you need only a standard off-the-shelf Windows PC - anything running Windows 7/8/10 will be able to make use of all of the core functionality.  For extensions, especially the point cloud extension, you would require an above-average CPU, GPU, and amount of RAM.  However, it does not require high-end equipment; the point cloud engine is extremely efficient.

Q: Will IMS Map360 work with Evidence Recorder and other types of sensor data the way MapScenes did?
A: Yes, IMS Map360 allows for import of the same range of data types, including points, measurement database files, dxf exports, and a very wide range of pointcloud file types. Any established workflows involving MapScenes will be easy to incorporate into IMS Map360.

Q: Does IMS Map360 come with a collection of symbols?
A: How does the entire contents of the Google Sketchup Warehouse sound?  Map360 comes with a built in Sketchup importer that allows you to access this useful resource.  Map360 also comes bundled with a large collection of commonly used symbols that does not require import.

Q: I am pretty comfortable using MapScenes and I don’t really want to learn a whole new product. Is there a way to keep the look and feel of MapScenes but take advantage of the new features and core CAD engine of Map360?
A: Yes, you can! We have built in an optional MapScenes Legacy Mode that will retain the look and feel of your existing MapScenes products but have all the new features and functionality of IMS Map360.

Q: I don’t work with 3D scanners much. Is this program going to be overkill for my needs?
A: No. Although powerful, it won’t be overkill for your needs. The core functionality of IMS Map360 does not contain the point cloud functionality. If, in the future, you do start to work with 3D scanners, then you can simply add the Point Cloud extension.

Q: Does Map360 work with all my older DWG files from previous MapScenes jobs?
A: Yes! Map360 supports all DWG and DXF formats from the past 15 years.