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Download Map360 and related products.

Map360 2.0

(EXE ~661MB)


Evidence Recorder 11.1

(EXE ~400MB)





To use the point cloud extension within IMS Map360 you will need to download and install Cyclone. You do not require a license for Cyclone - there are simply some components of Cyclone that IMS Map360 utilizes.



Does your organisation have a need to, or are you already integrating the use of point cloud data into your productive CAD workflows? If so, you may have realised that some of the real world issues facing these implementations. Many systems do a poor job and even become nearly unusable as the huge data sets common with point clouds start to bog down the system. In addition the complexity of implementing and using point cloud data can be a real challenge for the CAD drafting teams. Leica JetStream is purpose built to solve all of these problems, like no other available solution.


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