Customer Care Package

Our Customer Care Packages (CCP) provide the best services available on the market! When you buy a Customer Care Package you know that you have our North American service team supporting you while you work.

Working with the best solutions ensures the best results for your business. That's why we are introducing Customer Care Packages (CCP). It keeps your systems up to date and in top condition.

With a Customer Care Package you profit from:

•    Trouble free usage and less downtime 

•    Access to latest software updates

•    Preferred hotline access with no additional costs

•    Extended warranty

•    Local service advantages

North American coverage — local support

While our support is available throughout North America, it is local people who make the partnership with our customers work. Each Sales Office enhances the standard Customer Care Package with local resources, delivery networks, and a knowledge of local methods of working our solutions.

How can I get access to my Customer Care package?

Please contact us for advice and purchasing information on the Customer Care Packages, including additional local benefits.