Evidence in Motion

Add a new level of realism to your documentation by constructing dynamic animations with ease. A powerful and flexible range of features gives you the ability to reenact movements and provide a richer, more accurate assessment of the scene.



Tell the Complete Story

Animated scenes tell a much more complete story of the incident than static images can. Our user-friendly Animation Extension, with the power and precision of CAD, enables you to add motion to the scene in ways that are easier than you could ever imagine.
Recreate a variety of motions that precisely and realistically follow the contours of terrain. Add textures to objects and surfaces for a robust level of detail and context to the setting.
Animate your way with flexibility. This is the only product that gives you precise control of your objects and cameras. Both static and animated camera options offers multiple view points allowing you to control how movement is seen. Simply slide the timeline dial to view and visualize animated objects independently or in the entire scene.


Animation Extension - Example




Featured Highlights


Timeline and Advanced Object Movement


Static and Animated Cameras

With a simple slide of the timeline dial, view and visualize the animated objects independently or at a "bird’s eye" view of the entire animation. IMS Map360 is the only product that gives you precise control of your objects and cameras. Each object you animate is assigned its own tracks in the timeline for velocity, pitch, roll, direction, and visibility- allowing you to accurately control the movement at any point.        Choose from static or animated cameras for versatility. View your scene and animation from specific viewpoints with static cameras. With an easy-to-use camera editor, look at what you're doing before saving the parameters for up to 10 static cameras. Moving cameras offer advanced tricks such as chase, aerial, and in-vehicle cameras. Have complete control over how the animation is viewed by using both static and moving cameras to create stunning, precise, and realistic animations.

True 3D


Vault Capabilities

Easily switch from working and viewing your scene in plan view to 3D view. Our true 3D CAD engine eliminates to need to render and use external programs to view work in 3D or close a rendering window and return to plan view to fix problems.        The industry's only vault-capable animation engine gives you the capability to input takeoff angle, speed, and other parameters to produce an animation of the vault.

Precision and Power of CAD


Advanced Object Position Tools

This is the most comprehensive, accurate, and dynamic forensic CAD program available today. We offer more snap functions for building complex scenes and more editing commands for solving problems that might occur when constructing a 3D or 2D drawing.        Our Adjust Symbol tool assists you by accurately by placing your objects in a 3D environment. Adjust the position of your symbols with ease by simply typing in the adjustment values.

Animation Editor and Viewer


Path Support

A user-friendly control panel houses all the tools you need to accurately animate your objects and control their movement. Create and save camera views, control animated objects, and navigate around the drawing with ease using the exclusive Animation Viewer. Complex scenes render in seconds and even allow you to pan and rotate around the drawing while the animation is playing. Then, create extremely high-resolution image files, such as .bmp or .jpg files, directly from the rendering window.        Create complex paths within the drawing to dictate the travel of your animated objects. Recreate a variety of motions to precisely follow the contours of multiple terrains. Control the pitch and roll of an object independently with multiple changes along its path of travel.



Real Surfacing Capabilities

The animation module includes one of the most advanced material editors available. Add realism to your drawing and animations by applying textures to symbols and surfaces such as roads, grass, sidewalks, and more.        No other program has such a powerful modeling engine for easily creating accurate, precise models based on the evidence you collect at the scene. Create an animation with features that no one else offers:
  • Easily handle 100, 1000, or 100,000 points
  • Use 3D objects to define boundaries, such as road edges or curbs
  • Set boundaries to exclude areas, like a house, for example
  • Create 3D faces and polyface meshes for speed and flexibility
  • Slice your surface to create a profile
  • Create Triangles, Grids, or Triangulated Grids for the best surface results


Animation Extension

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