• Map360 3.0 Released

    Map360 - 3.0 New Features

    This release of Leica Map360 focuses on stability along with updating our IntelliCAD and Point Cloud engines. New and improved features are also included that will simplify user workflows and increase productivity.

    New Features

  • Leica IMS School

    Learn for Free

    The Leica IMS School, our mission is to provide the professional training our clients and their employees need, exactly when they need it.

    Leica IMS School

  • Leica Geosystems Incident Mapping Suite

    The leading suite of forensic software on the market

    Our new groundbreaking software is unlike any other incident mapping tool. While incredibly powerful, it is also incredibly easy to use. Our interactive design template system makes creating factual diagrams possible for anyone, regardless of skill level.

    Desktop Solution Data Collection Solution



Leica Geosystems Incident Mapping Suite - Typical Workflow: Data In | Deliverables Out


We have found a smarter way of bringing data from many sensors into one environment while giving you a complete picture of an incident. This alleviates the need to use many incompatible software systems.



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Register / Process
CAD / Sketch
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